Prices and Booking

This is a small, personal business and I arrange course dates individually as people want them. There are no pre-arranged dates to book on to, so just get in contact.

Courses work well with two people, but the larger your group, the lower the cost per person.

A small group — even one-to-one — will give a really fantastic student ratio for intensive learning.

Weather and conditions

Weather changes everything, so rather than commit to a fixed course structure, I keep things flexible.

We'll discuss our options each day in view of the forecast and conditions.

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Where will we go?

Terrier's Tooth (HS), Chair Ladder, Cornwall

It's your choice!

For each course description I've given suggestions as to where we might go.

For more on locations to do a climbing course, have a look at the page Rock Climbing in the UK.

If you have somewhere else in mind then just let me know. For example if you have a bit more time you might like to go further afield — even abroad for some winter warmth.

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How do we finalise a date?

Descending from the Aonach Eagach ridge - a classic Grade 1 scramble in Glencoe

Let me know your preferred dates and I'll contact you to let you know whether I'm free, and to discuss what you would like to cover and where we might go.

Weekends get booked up very quickly between February and June, and in September.

If you only have weekends free then either book early or choose a date in July or August, which tend to be freer.

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How much will it cost?

Traverse on the Cinque Torre, Dolomites

I operate with a fixed daily rate, which is 220/day.


A two day rock climbing course is 440.

Between three of you the cost is 147 each.

Obviously the more people the cheaper per person but please do check the maximum group size for each type of course.

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How do I pay?

Lost Horizons (VS) Long Rock Slab, Devon

After we've talked about the kinds of things you'd like to cover and finalised a date I'll send you a Paypal invoice.

I ask for a deposit of 25% on booking, and then payment of the full amount by 30 days before the course starts.

Please see my cancellation policy.

Paypal allow you to use any of the cards below — you don't have to have a PayPal account:

You can pay with these cards through Paypal

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Cancellation policy

Traverse pitch on Via Micheluzzi (VI), Piz Ciavazes, in the Dolomites
Updated 26th April 2012

Straightforward cancellations

If you cancel more than 30 days before the start date, then you forgo 25% of the course fee.

If you cancel fewer than 30 days before the start — rather than transferring or changing the date — then the entire course fee is foregone.

Transfer (same dates)

Bookings are completely transferrable if the dates remain unchanged. You can opt to do a different course offered on this site, or give the course to someone else. As long as the dates remain unchanged, this is free of any extra charge. If you are going to transfer to a course which requires different equipment or is in a different area, then I need 7 days notice.

Changing the date

Up to 7 days before the before the start of the course you can reschedule the booking date. This will cost and additional 25% of the course fee.

With fewer than 7 days until the start of the course the entire course fee is foregone.

Cancellation by me

Should I have to cancel a course for any reason (which is very unlikely — I've only done so once in seven years!), we can reschedule for another date which is convenient for both of us.

Please note that I'm not liable in any way for other expenses related to the course such as travel costs or accommodation bookings.

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